On monday mackinac and I walked up to washington park and I took some pictures of the holocaust memorial.

I want to show you the comparison between yesterday and today. They have all of these bronzed installments that I assume are symbolizing how personal items were stripped from the people as they were being shipped to camps.



Now here is the same bronzed baby and teddy bear.



Pretty crazy it could snow so much in portland. I posted some other photos on my flickr page.

The cabal that has hijacked my time “suggested” that I do something. I have a weakness for free stuff especially but not limited to food. So I saddled up and went for a ride around the city.

The tugboat brewing co serves one mighty fine porter.


It’s like a meal in a glass.


Books lining the walls give the impression of a professor’s study.


This is pioneer courthouse square. They call it portland’s living room. Kind of sad with the “nondenominational holiday tree” all stripped of lights and most it’s branches.


Which way now?


Over the burnside bridge for a free show at the doug fir. The band’s name was southerly and the lead singer kept complaining that he had to play that show because he wanted to go see some other band that was playing that night. The doug fir is a futuristic log cabin and it is up for an award for best live music venue of the year.


The doug fir is part of a big complex that includes the jupiter hotel and KBOO radio. I heard awhile ago that one of bush’s spawn (jenna I think) stayed here when she was in town. Since the fir is a smoke free environment they built a patio in the parking lot and made a little living room outside complete with a fire pit.

img_0646.jpg On my way home I stopped by the burnside skate park under the bridge.img_0656.jpg

And while crossing the bridge I thought I would share with you an iconic portland symbol.