On monday mackinac and I walked up to washington park and I took some pictures of the holocaust memorial.

I want to show you the comparison between yesterday and today. They have all of these bronzed installments that I assume are symbolizing how personal items were stripped from the people as they were being shipped to camps.



Now here is the same bronzed baby and teddy bear.



Pretty crazy it could snow so much in portland. I posted some other photos on my flickr page.


As always when I return home from an arduous day in the lab I am greeted by my best friend mackinac (phonetically=mac-short “i”-naw). He does his usual circle around and roll over on the back for a belly scratch routine. Recently however he has been expressing his disappointment with my long work days in very extreme and ultimately futile ways. It all started a while ago when his friend from upstairs came over to hang out.

This is N.E.O. (Near Earth Object not to be confused with keanu).


See how they conspire against all humans.


So I know where he gets it from. Well today mackinac must have had a separation anxiety tantrum as you can see for yourself.


I mean do you even realize the measures that have already been take to prevent just such a dogtastrophe. See how in the next photo everything edible is on the fridge. By the way, the cat litter tub is the dogfood container.


Well in the next photo you can see where all my food (because this was all my food for then next month or so) was stored.


Yes, the cupboard not out in some obvious accessible place. I kind of regret teaching him how to open the fridge to get me a beer all the sudden. Now take a look at the mutt after a walk and dinner.


Someone looks pretty god-damn content after all the trouble he caused. Now imagine what you have just witnessed but a hundred times worse and the cops or social services get involved and you can’t just clean it up. That’s what it’s like having kids! Sorry all you breeders out there. This year is not starting out that well. If I were a positive person I would say, “well it can only get better from here” but truly I believe this is but a foreshadowing.

Who wants pasta puttanesca.


You work with what you got.