So Seymour Hersh has a new article in the new yorker magazine called redirection. You can click HERE to read it. Just turn off the TV for a half an hour and read it OK. But if you are like me and deal better with auditory stimuli then there are 3 yes three podcasts you can listen to where he is interviewed about the article. He was interviewed on fresh air with terry gross and you can hear the interview HERE. Then I heard him on democracy now click HERE to listen. One of my favorite podcasts which I have written about before is open source with chris lydon. He interviewed seymour hersh and you can hear it HERE.

PLEASE read or listen to this information it is the only place you will hear this very important information. I hope that my bike blog is showing you a simple way you can change your life so that you do not have to support the actions of ALL these demented rich people.  And at the same time all the fun and crazy stuff that you can do for free and without supporting evil.

Just in case the links above don’t work I am reprinting them below:

The article:

The NPR interview:

The democracy now interview:

The opensource interview: