I made a list of links to podcasts I listen to every week on the right side of the page. “Democracy Now” thankfully is updated daily and covers a wide range of news with in-depth interviews that everyone should listen to. A recent episode of special note is from Jan 16th featuring a speech by bill moyers. Ian masters is a BBC trained journalist and he secures some outstanding interviews. He has two shows “live from the left coast” and background briefing”. An informative recent episode is the background briefing from Jan 7th. On that show colonel chamberlain talks about how in ancient rome people were born into the senatorial class but they couldn’t become a senator unless they served in the army for 20 years. Think about how it would be if that were the case today. I for one think decisions about going to war would be much different.

Moving on to something a bit lighter we have “this american life” (tal). Now lately it seems they are just playing reruns but if you haven’t heard them I would check them out. One of my favorites is an old one you can listen to in their archives episode 307 from 2/3/06 called “in the shadow of the city”.

The first podcast ever (seriously) is from chris lydon and his show “open source”. This guy seems to know everyone and covers everything from music to sports to politics to I don’t know, but it’s really interesting and it is updated every day so listen to a couple of them already.

Let’s see what else, oh of course I have a few bike podcasts the “KBOO bike show” from portland and “bikescape” from San Fran. They are both excellent and have informed me about many of the issues in the bike community but they are only about once a month shows. I think I mentioned in another post my favorite episodes from KBOO were “cycling and weight loss” and “biking through loas and sharing the road” from the 2006 archives. Here I know most of you won’t go looking for this stuff so just click HERE and scroll down.

The last two sort of go together since they are more straight news. First is “war news radio” from swarthmore college. It does stories about iraq and the middle east that you won’t hear about anywhere else. And then there’s mosaic from link tv, not really a podcast but a once daily compilation of tv news shows from around the middle east. Very Very informative to see what each one of the countries focuses on and how they spin the facts just like the U.S. media. I try to watch it during my lunch break at work every day but usually only catch it a few times a week.

Finally I thought I would share this interesting history lesson/podcast I found on digg. It is a history of the byzantine empire explored through 12 of it’s leaders and as most of you already know when you study history it makes the present look that much more ridiculous. Well that’s what I listen to when I’m walking the dog or transferring liquids from one vessel to another at work. I hope someone takes a look at some of these, especially DN and open source. Maybe now you can understand why I was freaking out in an earlier post about my ipod dying.