Anyone reading this may wonder why someone such as myself would write a blog. Most of you are no doubt familiar with the fact that I am communicationally challenged. In this modern world of cell phones, email, myspace, IM, and now Skype, I am at the back of the class. This is evidenced by the fact that I only signed up for an email address 2.5 years ago. Go ahead and call me old-fashioned but I don’t feel that I can “effectively” communicate with someone through a medium. Computers in particular have always seemed like just word-processors to me. Nice to write a term paper on but not much else. That is until starting my new job where I have my own Mac and lightning fast access. I apologize to those of you who are PC users and like it. You people must understand something about computers that I can’t figure out. Mac’s, on the other hand, are for those of us who were not born with our fingers fused to the home keys. Not long after my introduction to Mac’s at work I, through the depth-less charity of a friend, retained the service of a G5 Imac at home.



Since then, my appreciation for the apple family of products has grown by leaps and bounds. I acquired a used older 3rd gen Ipod from a coworker (unfortunately it is not under warranty and is not-so-slowly dying). The Ipod has changed my life (don’t laugh). I walk the dog 2 hours each day and commute to work 40 min each way by train and bike, not to mention all day at work (am I going to go deaf?). Soon I will write a post about my podcast directory. Now we get to the part where you learn why I am spending so much time using a machine that I am writing about using that very same machine. Let me introduce the new MacBook. Of course I needed an external for backup purposes.


I know absolutely zilch about anything high-tech but I do know this is the sickest computer available to the general public (well maybe one of those toshiba toughbooks). The only issue now is wireless. I “borrow” a Wi-Fi signal from one of my either altruistic or less tech savvy neighbors. So I searched around for a way to boost my ability to “borrow” Wi-Fi access. Most of the info I found was for making antenna that increase signal output from a router. Then I stumbled across QuickerTek and the Quicky which is a transceiver not an antenna (transceivers require power) that uses a usb port. This thing takes the place of the AirPort card and makes all sorts of claims that I fell for. I got mine for from small dog electronics (who have great customer service and a good deal on a new MacBook). Well it worked about 1/3 as good as my stock AirPort Extreme card. Good news: I will get my money back. Bad news: still have a crappy connection.

I don’t want to make it seem that I am underestimating the intelligence of anyone reading this so I must explain how it is that a income-challenged individual such as myself can afford such luxuries. I got permission to sell my G5 (here’s my sales post what do you think), I am on a pay cycle that gives 3 checks in december and I get an education discount on everything apple through my job. The recent car drama kind of screwed my whole budget up but hey what can you do that’s life. Also you may have noticed I do and will make up words as I see fit (communicationally ha ha).

Now that I have a notebook that I can throw in a bag and take out I needed a case to protect it. Wouldn’t you know it, the other day I was at MacForce (non-apple affiliated Mac Store) and saw a ripped timbuktu notebook case so I grabbed it for half-price and stitched it up myself at home.


The MacBook thinks it’s too good for me so that’s why I have to keep the posts rolling out and it helps keep the camera from feeling left out as well. Well now that I’ve bored you all to death I promise some more interesting info is on the way. The holidays have put many of the usual activities on hold but next week is the january MMR and I think I’ll do a bike/pub crawl to exhibit some of the unique drinking establishments p-town has to offer.