On friday I had to wake up at ~6am and go into work early, even though I had taken the day off, and it took longer than expected. This in turn pushed back the errands I had to run before hitting the road. Oh yeah so then it was across downtown in rush hour traffic to get to AAA and get car insurance because mine was expiring that day. you may be wondering what does this have to do with the camping trip. Patience, it is all part of an intricate tapestry of events.
One of the great parts of living in portland is that it is a burden to have a vehicle. I spend on average $3K a year in repair costs on my car and I drive so very little that I only get liability protection to save some money.

Enough of the boring intro lets talk about camping. Needless to say I arrived at the trail-head after dark. Normally this wouldn’t be a cause for concern but at this particular trail-head there are two parking lots. The better lot is farther away from the trail but to save time I used the closer one. It was a nice night, not to cold and the moon was out.


We hiked ~5 miles in and set up camp. I got a fire going from soaking wet wood and moss.


The gear was holding up it’s end and kept me warm and comfortable all night. I have just one word for anyone who cares, “icebreaker“. Look it up HERE to get it on sale.

The next morning mack and I emerged from the tent well rested and ready for a nice hike after breakfast.


I don’t want to bore you with lots of pictures of trees and creeks and stuff but my camera is quite demanding when it comes to use. If I even pass up one thing on the trail that is even remotely photo worthy I have to hear about it for the next half-hour.


I don’t know where this came but I didn’t trip over it the night before when I was hiking in the dark.


Yes, here is the obligatory waterfall picture.img_0566.jpg

These photos were taken on the way back down to the parking lot. I wanted to move my car to the other lot where I thought it would be safer.

When mack and I reached the lot surprise surprise my car had been broken into. Unfortunately for the thieves I am poor and don’t have anything worth stealing. They got my cell phone (brand new only 2 weeks old) and my keys (why the hell do you steal someones keys). They also broke into the luggage box on top of the car and stole my spikes spider


which are the only way I can make it up the mountain to go snowboarding. These puppies retail for over$300 smackers but I scored them off craigslist for $90. If you click on these thumbnails you can see the carnage in all its’ glory.


So now I was faced with the dilemma of leaving my windowless car alone while I hike back up 5 miles to camp pack up my stuff and then hike back down. That’s pretty much all I could do. I guess the worst part was driving home in the middle of winter with no driver-side window sitting on glass. And if you were paying attention to the beginning of the story you would recall I only have liability which of course does not cover theft and break-ins.

Happy F#*king New Year bitches.