A 7.1-magnitude earthquake off the coast of Taiwan on Tuesday night, which was followed by several smaller quakes in the region, apparently damaged the vast network of underwater cables that enables modern communication. (yahoo news)

Isn’t humanity great!

  1. Humans invent agriculture. Farming is done by monoculture leading to the situation that if one variable affects one individual in the crop it will affect them all, then we get famine.
  2. Humans invent industrialization. We have successfully poisoned ourselves out of our own environment. And our economies, which are the basis of civilization, are based on that industry.
  3. Humans invented the technological age. An earthquake can take that all away in an instant.

Think what your house…apt…whatever would look like if you took everything out that couldn’t be made by hand. Pretty bare huh? I mean everything: no lights, appliances, or whatever else rich people have because I’m looking around my room I can’t see much except the electronics, I guess. Well, my point is…it’s boring unless you like going blind reading by candle light (myth?). That’s the way that humanity has lived for most of it’s history. Sure, nowadays we couldn’t imagine life without cars, computers, Wiis, dishwashers (some people), hell electricity. And where would we be without credit cars, mortgages, lines of credit, car payments, and the bottom of the barrel, even worse than the payday loan, the dreaded car title loan. Brrr, shudder.

Now maybe if you’ve traveled out of the U.S. or you pay attention every once in a while. You read the line above (bold) and something about it caught your attention. Could it have been that you thought to yourself , “Hey wait I think I heard something about some people in that country, oh wait…what’s it called again paprika or pafrica yeah something like africa or shmindia, it ended in a “ah” sound and wern’t they poor and didn’t have stuff or somthin”. Yes, I didn’t forget about all the people alive right now who don’t have electricity, or water and food for that matter. But you know what many of them do have access to…pause…a TV. And you want to know what they may have seen? “Sex and the City, South Park, Friends, Seinfeld, and (number one, I hear) Oprah. Seriously they are very popular around the world.” (Martha Bayles)

So all these “economically subjugated” or poor if you will, individuals think most U.S. citizens live like the characters in some sitcoms about people living fruitless unproductive lives of privilege that they didn’t work to earn. (I must add here I’m not so sure about Oprah, I’ve never seen it, and Southpark kicks ass, kenny’s family had an engine on their coffee table) Can you tell me they are wrong? Well it seemed to me like that’s the way most U.S. citizens were, when I watched how even seemingly lower income individuals always had the newest cell, jewelry, or game console or even a nice ride. Maybe the reason it seemed to me that individuals in the U.S. spent money they didn’t even probably have “credit YEAH!” on crap they didn’t need was because they watch shows even more delusional then Sex and the City, Friends and Seinfeld. Some of the adults may not know what I’m talking about but to some of you two letters may mean something O.C.. Yes, my friends I’m referring to that piece of garbage I had the unfortunate privilege to view on one or more occasions, let’s all say it together “thank our feeble human brains for repressed memories”. This show is simply about the most spoiled, self-centered, brain-damaged humans on the planet. Well they could be tied with some princes on the arabian peninsula but the princes probably whine less. If people are actually watching this show, not just out of some masochistic fetish to be horrified that orange county california could possibly be as narcissistic as this show portrays, but out of some demented notion that this is a life they would be attracted to. Then you realize, what that explains…


  1. Why we buy all the useless overpriced crap we own that we never use. (check out Gizmodo)
  2. Why “economically challenged” individuals across the globe despise us. (but secretly or even blatantly envy us)
  3. Why agriculture inevitably lead to industrialization which in turn allowed for the technological age and forced us to strive to become whiny, unrealistic, addicts that lay by the pool all day and at night do things I don’t want to get into. And therefore the earthquake that cut the info between the U.S. and Asia might have been a government plot to try and raise the perception of the U.S. by Asia peoples. Because…

“movies and television are arguably the two main venues that have defined the United States as a popular icon.� Yet the data suggest a “striking” degree of “dislike” of American popular culture among those individuals who had a favorable opinion of the United States: about 38.2 percent of the people who were mildly supportive of the United States disliked its music, movies, television, and about 29.5 percent of those with a very high opinion of the United States thought likewise of its popular culture. (Martha Bayles)


Maybe I just feel like my stuff runs my life sometimes and I am simply a body going through the motions.