Today, my ONE day off work, my supposed good friend mack, wakes me up early and drags me on a “forced death-march” in the cold, wet, muddy, icy columbia river gorge.



He told me the name of this waterfall “wahkeena” or something and it meant “most beautiful” in the yakima language, “whatever”. I could be sitting at home eating a burrito or something and watching samurai movies. It was a long waterfall looked about 242 ft from top to bottom.


Another damn waterfall! Where is all this water coming from? They’re loud and wet, big deal. I mean it’s just a huge outdoor shower. Mack makes me stop for a while at every one so he can stare at them. What a weirdo.



I can’t understand what he sees in this stuff. I work all week long to have a place with stuff to do in it and the second I have time to relax he wants to go hike 10.7 miles from wahkeena falls to devils rest by way of angels rest. I hate my life.





Why can’t I just stay home and look at a screen like a normal person. No! My dog insists I follow him up a 2,340 ft elevation gain and I let him push me around because I have no spine.



I tried to at least stop and take a picture of the columbia river but mack was like, ” come on, hurry up, let’s go”.





I was praying he would slip on the ice and I would finally be rid of him. I quickly stuffed some carrots in my mouth while the “hiking nazi” mack wasn’t looking.






finally we’re back at the first one! Time to go home eat, get in bed and watch a movie like a civilized being. Why do I let him do these things to me.What a watse of a day, thank you very much mutt.