From Al Jazeera online I just read this Click Here for whole story. All I have to say is back when I used to read the Economist, they always warned of such a thing happening. Keep watching for what Russia and China do as far as selling off U.S assets like treasury bonds. The U.S. imports most of it’s oil from Venezuela so if you hear our good buddy Hugo start talking about a move like this get ready for some hard times. Maybe everyone should refresh their memories and reread or read for the first time Grapes of Wrath by Steinbeck. I am torn between anger at U.S. citizens for not preparing for something like this happening but at the same time I feel sorry for them. I mean most people are so busy with their lives they don’t have time to research what is going on in the world that may affect the economy. We have a government that is supposed to be looking out for us and we give them (depending on what you do) about 30-something % of our income and don’t even get healthcare out of that. So now that the dollar is about to devalue to the point where it will be cheaper to wallpaper your room with $100’s how are you going to afford that 15in flip-down DVD player for the SUV and that new 60in Plasma for the new PS3 or Nintendo Wii. All I have to say is move into a studio, get a good bike, and start getting used to cold rice for two meals a day. What’s that? You want lunch? OK maybe we can invade an even poorer country than Iraq was and steal whatever they have in the ground because we stripped our land clean. And forget about the the Alaskan Wilderness Oil drilling. The oil companies estimates say it would cost more to extract the oil than they would get back. Oh great, if you think I’m overreacting read THIS.

More to come on this subject and the U.S.’s undoubted blunder of a response. Yes, please don’t think that I am just a hater on the U.S. I just think that if the government has a decision to make it will inevitably make the wrong one for the majority of people in the world (and in particular those in the U.S.)

Question? If the Dollar devalues does that lead to a depression or a recession. I could look it up but I don’t know if I want to know the answer.

One of the reasons I stopped reading the Economist was because it was pro-growth propaganda. If you look down the chain as to where that growth comes from it is natural resources. Every country in the world is trying to increase their GDP, GNP, exports, direct foreign investment, capital gains, blah blah blah ect… and why does ever country think this is what they must do to compete in the “new global marketplace”. Because they are told this by the IMF and World BANK so their “markets” can be linked to the U.S. and European “markets” through bi- and multi-lateral trade deals written by U.S. and European governments who are extensions of lobbing firms for huge corporations.

Well that was a nice little rant. First one on this blog. I will mostly just be posting things about what I am doing here in Portland but just to illustrate the point that I am not just some cog in the anti-corporation or bush bashing machine let me tell you about my daily commute. I take the train to work every day for about 30 min. It takes me past Nike World Headquarters and Intel World Headquarters. Now along the train route and adjacent to both of these corporations properties runs a decent sized creek. After two years (this month) of traveling to work this way I have seen herons, ducks, turtles, geese and that’s just what I can see from a train moving along a quite a clip. Now when I pass both of the aforementioned properties there are big pipes emptying right into the creek. Now you might have a point if you were to say to me, “did you go to the companies and ask them what comes out of the pipes or did you do any tests on the water yourself” and I would hang my head and say, “no” but it just gives me the sense that when corporations profit it is always at the expense of our air, water, and food in other words the environment.