I wanted to share some of the media sources I use to educate myself. When I search out information sources I attempt to merge two filters that I picked up at CBC and KU respectively. First I apply a lens that was introduced to me during my days at CBC by Mr. Delpha (sp?) in social justice class. He was trying to instill a sense of altruism in a bunch of spoiled, privlidged, lazy, rich, white males who, for me at least, represent a whole lot of what is wrong with Amerika. His point, which I am certain was lost on my classmates, was that all forms of media are biased, some more so than others, and it is up to the individual who must peel away the propaganda to get the real story. Dr. Terwilliger, for whom I worked while at KU, nurtured the skeptical cynic in me (or is that cynical skeptic) so that no matter what I hear, see, taste, touch or smell I question even how my own senses bias that information.
Without seeming to dramatic, I have to orient whoever may be reading this to my current educational situation. Since completing college I have started studying current events, which until then I thought was a waste. I used to believe that only through studying classical literature and having personal experiences one could understand themselves and their place in life. After a jarring experience reading some current periodicals which were written by people from all over the world I started experimenting with different media sources. I went to one of the most obvious places The Economist which has its’ merits but it biased in its’ own right as anyone who has read it will attest to. One year of the E and I was ready ram the Lexus straight into the Olive Tree. If you don’t get that one I can’t help you. Then came two technologgical revolutions in my life: access to the internet through work and an Ipod I bought used from a coworker. That’s when I learned about Podcasts. I can listen to them at work, on the train, riding my bike, walking the dog, in the car and at home (where I have no internet or tele).
I wanted to share two items from yesterday’s DN (Democracy Now) podcast and then I have to actually get some work done.

Colorado Homeowner Fined For Christmas Wreath With Peace Signal
In Colorado, a homeowners association is threatening to fine a resident for putting up a Christmas wreath with a peace sign on her house because it could be considered divisive. The owner of the wreath – Lisa Jensen – has vowed to keep the wreath up until after Christmas even though it will result in a fine of about one thousand dollars.

NYPD Shoot Dead Unarmed Man Hours Before His Wedding
In New York, the police department is coming under intense criticism after a group of undercover officers shot and killed a 23-year-old African American man hours before he was supposed to get married to his high school sweetheart. Early Saturday morning, five officers fired 50 shots at a car carrying the groom-to-be, Sean Bell, who had just left his bachelors party with two friends. None of them were armed. Bullets hit Bell in the neck and arm. He died before reaching the hospital. Joseph Guzman is in critical condition after being hit by 11 bullets. Trent Benefield is in stable condition with wounds to his leg. Benefield was screaming out in pain when reporters arrived at the scene Saturday morning.

Two transit workers were also injured by stray bullets fired by the police. The police claim the shooting occurred after Bell’s car hit an undercover officer and an unmarked police minivan. One witness told the Daily News that the undercover police officers didn’t identify themselves until after they had begun shooting and that the men initially thought they were being robbed.
Police then handcuffed the two men to their hospital beds while they received emergency care.