I realize that this image is a bit crappy but I’m at work and it’s 10:30 on a Fri night. So I grabbed it off google images and doctored it up on photoshop to show Dad’s route from portland to St. Louis. Click on the image to make it a bit more decipherable. Google maps says it is 2,044 mi but the route they pick goes through Wyoming and Nebraska so I am guessing this route is more like ~2,400 or so. I could crunch some numbers here but I really don’t have time so I will simply report what information I have. My Dad left portland on thurs morning Dec 14 at ~10:30am StL time and just called me at ~9:30 StL time on Fri Dec 15. He says that is about 35 hours! I have made the trip from the west coast to StL on several occasions and can attest to the miraculousness of such a pace. Oh and it must, must, absolutely must, be mentioned that this extraordinary feat of logistical triumph was accomplished in nothing less than a 1991 SAAB soft-top convertible with broken heated leather seats, and listen to this, NO RADIO or TAPE or CD PLAYER. How, might you ask, is it possible to cover close to 2,500 miles with nothing but ones thoughts and the hum of the engine to pierce the monotony of the Colorado, Kansas and Misery (Missouri) plains. Well I cannot answer that. You must seek out that elusive and zen-like human (if in fact human is what he is) and ask him for yourself.